Febrile Seizure Treatment Options for Children

Febrile seizures are the most common type of seizures seen in children, 2-5% of children have a febrile seizure during their childhood. (Christopher, Westermeyer, 2017). Standard western treatment includes fever reducing drugs, antibiotics and anti-epileptic drugs but Eastern Medicine is proving to be a viable and useful option for treatment. Febrile seizures occur when a children contacts and illness such as an infection, cold or rash accompanied by fever. “Since febrile seizures rarely occur after 5-6 years of age, there is a relationship between febrile seizures and brain maturation.” (Tolaymet, Nayak, Geyer, Geyer, Carney, 2015, pg. 6). Eastern Medicine looks at the effects that seizures have on the energy of.