What are you looking for when you are looking at my tongue?

Eastern Medicine practitioners look at the patients tongue to identify channels/meridian being affected by disease. As you can see from the diagram there are areas of the tongue for each element/channel. An example of how to interpret is let’s say there is more redness in the tip of the tongue, Eastern Medicine theory would indicate possible heart heat that would affect the patient’s sleep. The practitioner may ask you about dreams and sleep if they see a red tip.
Teeth marks on the side of the tongue indicated spleen/stomach involvement with possible involvement of overthinking, worry, obsessing as well as dietary issues. The Eastern practitioner may ask you questions regarding these areas of your life.

Another area we look at is if there is coating on the tongue. If we see thick white coating it means cold and dampness is involved in your health issues. If there is a thick yellow coating, then the practitioner might consider heat dampness involvement.

Lastly, we look to see if there are cracks or dark areas on the surface of the tongue which can indicate several excess and deficient conditions.

Looking at the tongue along with reading the pulse and listening to symptoms helps the Eastern Practitioner identify the pattern differential. Once a pattern has been discerned a treatment plan is developed and patient will be treated.