Traditional Chinese Medicine and Neurofibromas

Traditional Chinese Medicine has been around for approximately 3,000 years.  The stimulation of “points” on the body by placing a needle or applying pressure illicit biological changes in the patient.   The stimulation increases the flow of blood and “qi” to areas in the body.


When working with neurofibromas (all types) the Acupuncturist will look at your tongue, take your pulse and discuss your goals in relieving symptoms and achieving optimum health.


Research has provided insight into the effects of blood flow to areas in the body.  Care needs to be taken when receiving acupuncture for NF, due to the fact certain points would be counter indicated because of blood flow issues.


NF is a unique condition and acupuncture can help with the symptoms such as pain, sleep disturbances, anxiety, depression.


Dietary suggestions for NF involve avoiding sugars (including fruits, honey, dried fruits and even artificial sugars), strive for an Anti-inflammatory diet, Water source –clean water source (distilled water or reverse osmosis water), Remove vegetable oils from the body including olive oils, cheese, chocolates, etc. The only oils recommended: coconut oil and aloe vera oil.

While food provides more benefits than vitamin and mineral supplements, supplements can help treat dietary deficiencies.  Supplements are not regulated by the FDA so may have contaminants or may not contain what they say they do. Natural Medicine TRC Healthcare database may be helpful to identify the side effects and benefits of some supplements.

  • Curcumin (Turmeric): Study looking at impact of different dietary patterns, namely Mediterranean diet (MedDiet) compared to the Western diet (WesDiet). After six months, patients adopting a traditional MedDiet enriched with 1200 mg curcumin per day (MedDietCurcumin) presented a significant reduction in the number and volume of cutaneous neurofibromas; these results were confirmed in subsequent evaluations.
  • Lysine: 1000 mg per day
  • Zinc: 50 mg (prefer zinc acetate and zinc chloride) per day
  • Lithium: 2mg (prefer lithium chloride or lithium carbonate) per day
  • Garlic: 600-1200 mg per day
  • Resveratrol: 100-500mg per day
  • Quercetin: 3-1000mg per day
  • B12: 125–250 mcg per day (potent version has Intrinsic Factor).
  • Folic Acid (B9): 400-800mcg per day


Essential Oils can also assist with symptoms:

Caution when using essential oils please do not place on chest or back but use on feet, wrists and diffusor.


Integrative modalities can help with the symptoms of neurofibromas.